Tunnel Pasteurizer 12000BPH
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Detailed Product Description

1. Description of Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

Pasteurization or pasteurisation is a process of heating a food, which is usually a liquid, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time and then immediately cooling it after it is removed from the heat. This process slows spoilage caused by microbial growth in the food.

2. Main Features of Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

1) It is the tunnel type pasteurization machine with large speed ratio  and  frequency conversion. 

2) Equipped with  automatic PU-value control device, it can control  in accuracy and the temperature reacts  in less time, so it saves energy.
3) Main body and reticulation-belt are all made of stainless steel.
4)Adopt circulating pipe system to take full advantage of heat-source,  only save thermal energy, but also reduce water consumption and operation cost.

5) The structure of main machine is compact, firm and durable, of smooth operating, high thermal efficient.

6) The operation and maintenance is convenient and the production process is safe and reliable.

3. Process of Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

1) Bottles are transported to the conveying reticulation-belt of frame body by bottle feeding belt.

2)With variable speed, main driving motor runs the main chain- roller to make conveying-reticulation-belt transport bottles to different temperature zone of the machine in uniform speed.

3) After the process has been finished, bottles will be discharged through bottle-conveying-belt.

4) Different temperature spraying water heated by steam for pasteurization  is filled to the spray pipe on the upper position of  the frame body by water pumps, and then spray them to bottles on the conveying-reticulation-belt .

5) Heat of hot water will be conducted to the liquid in the bottles through bottle wall .

6)By this, the heat of liquid is distributed uniformly and the requirement for different temperature is achieved.

4.How to Order Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

1) Confirm the production of pasteurization

2) Confirm the bottle type (This machine can be for glass bottles and cans)

5. Data and Specification of Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

1) Type: Single layer

2) Rated Production Capacity:12000 Bottles/Hour

3) Pasteurization Temperature:62℃

4) Pasteurization Effect:15-30 PU

5) Effective Handle Area:45 ㎡

6) Steam Pressure:0.4Mpa

6. Effeiciency of Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

1) Glass bottles broken rate≤0.5%;Can broken rate≤0.1%

2)Electricity Consumption≤2.5kW.H/1000 Bottles

3)Heat Consumption≤12x10² J/1000Bottles

4)Clear Water Consumption≤400kg/1000Bottles

Tunnel Pasteurizer/Pasteurization Machine 12000BPH 

1.Weight: Unavailable for the time being

2.Dimension:Unavailable for the time being

3.Shipped by 40' FT Conatiner

All information of Pasteurizer for beer bottling line here are only for reference.Please contact us for more information.Any change or improvement will be signed on the technical contract.

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